New Offer for Flying Horse Club Members

Starting March 1st!

What is Neuromuscular Therapy and Training?

Neuromuscular Therapy specifically looks to treat the origins of pain and injury instead of treating symptoms that is so prevalent in our current western medicine. By looking at the neurological compensations leading to the inability to absorb and generate force correctly, we can restore health and function above and beyond treating the anatomical symptoms.

As an example, if you tear an ACL in your knee, the torn ACL isn’t actually the problem. That’s just where the problem ended up when your muscles didn’t absorb force correctly. There was a previous compensation, imbalance, weakness, motor deficiency that allowed that force to go someplace where it didn’t belong and tear the ACL. So when a doctor performs surgery to fix the ACL, that is the end result.

Dunamis addresses the neurological compensations, both from before the injury occurred as well as the new compensations from the surgical procedure, not to mention increases the natural body’s healing ability and increased ability to absorb force correctly, so the recovery time is drastically reduced and the results are more comprehensive. This ability is what led Dunamis to be sought after by so many NFL and other professional athletes. This process underlies all human movement, so it is effective for severe injuries as well as minor injuries and even increasing health and performance in any individual, whether a professional, weekend warrior, or just living out your golden years.

If you are dealing with any injury or just want to improve your health and quality of life, this program now offered for members at the Athletic Club, can take you to whole new levels.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please feel free to reach out to Dunamis at: [email protected]

Meet Chris Knott

Eighteen years ago, Chris Knott was our founding Athletic Director but then went on an expedition in the performance training and rehabilitation world where he created his proprietary Neurological Performance and Rehab program.

With this program, he was a part of three Super Bowl teams (Broncos ’15, Rams ’21, and 49ers ’23) and has trained more than 100 NFL athletes including Von Miller, Odell Beckham Jr, Demarcus Ware, and Chase Young including 29 of the 55 Broncos roster in their amazing Super Bowl 2015 year. Within our community here, Chris has taken local talent JoJo Domann from training him as a 7th grader all the way into the NFL.

With his  amassed knowledge and experience from Purdue University where he earned three undergraduate degrees, two masters degrees and has higher education in Neuromuscular Therapy, Functional Medicine, Sports Psychology and Phlebotomy, Chris created Dunamis Health and Performance and this proprietary system of Neuromuscular Therapy and Performance Training. It is this system with its specific emphasis on the Neuromuscular Therapy and Performance that Flying Horse is now able to offer to all our Members.